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Dr. Lowell Holtz

Todays Guest Blogger is Shirley Kufeldt.  Please Welcome her to the C.U.T. Wisconsin Community.

Let me introduce myself. I am Shirley Kufeldt, retired in Conover, WI. I have been involved with the Tea Party movement since 2009 along with Kim Simac and the Northwoods Patriots. We were an active group till 2014 as attendance at meetings dwindled. Kim Simac was the public face for our group; I was in the background working the computer, email, our blog spot (till 2014) and Facebook.
Over the years at a variety of events, I obtained email addresses. I continue to maintain the Northwoods Patriots email list and Facebook page. I have participated with the Republican Party of Vilas County, WI for over five years and am an administrator for their Facebook page. Issues and people overlap both groups.
I have worked just about every election as a poll worker for five years, so I’ve seen busy election days (presidential – 85% turnout) and very slow days. I was appalled on February 21, 2017, as we counted 70 ballots at the end of the day. (Conover, WI has 999 registered voters.) Statewide the primary was not publicized well, turnout was 8% statewide and citizens were not aware of candidate positions! This map is interactive: Hold your mouse over your county to view local results. 
Basically, I am an Administrative Assistant, a very conservative one and I am motivated to use my talents and my email list to devise a strategy on behalf of Dr. Lowell Holtz to elect him as head of DPI and retire Tony Evers. I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE CAMPAIGN OF DR. LOWELL HOLTZ. However, I do know two people who help with his campaign.
I am a Christian. I oppose Common Core and top-down bureaucracy. I favor school choice for parents, local school boards, and children, plus phonics!
I have a talent to make things simple. I will send out regular emails prior to the election with a simple action item that will take no more than 5-10 minutes. And if you are on board with this strategy, then please forward my emails to everyone one your list.
Together we have to repeat what Conservatives did on November 8, 2016: Outnumber liberals on election day, April 4, 2017, and elect Dr. Lowell Holtz.
I believe in Freedom ~ Liberty ~ Transparency.   

Tony Evers has a fundraising advantage (9:1). I am not asking for money—no money involved in this at all. I intend to lay out a simple strategy to elect Dr. Holtz.
What you fear controls you. I fear another four years for Wisconsin children if Tony Evers is re-elected.
This is a David and Goliath contest. I’m putting my money on David. 
Psalm 34:15-17 The Lord sees the good people and listens to their prayers. But the Lord is against those who do evil . . . The Lord hears good people when they cry out to Him and He saves them from all their troubles.
God Bless and Have a Great Day!
Shirley Kufeldt
Not affiliated with the campaign of Dr. Lowell Holtz


WHAT OUR Sisters and Brothers In Christ have to say.

Ecclesiastes 3:12 --"There is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live."

A Big Thank You To our sister in Christ Barbara Wall for asking this question and forcing me to think about what might be in other folks minds when we ask them to participate in our Ministry. 

Why isn’t your entity a non-profit?

Thank you so much for asking.
My wife and I supported many of the startup CENTRAL WISCONSIN TEA Party Groups and also founded the Green Bay TEA Party.
GBTP for example, became a 501(c)4 because so many people SAID they would donate if we spent the $1400.00 to become one in order to protect their identity, a 501(c)4 is protected from IRS snooping donors are protected.
The actual result was that GBTP received $200.00 from THOSE people!
So much for being a good steward...
GBTP Also had yearly costs.
Each time we filed with the State it Cost Us an additional $50. per year. THATS NOT ALL! There were 2 other State Fee Licenses that applied, the cost of hosting websites, mailings, event overhead etc, etc.  
Therefore It actually COST US More to maintain the Government Controlled Non-Profit Status than we took in!
We were sold on the principal of protecting our donors through a (c)4...
We became a (c)4 to PROTECT the people that SAID they would donate thinking there was no other way to do this. As a (c)4 does NOT have to Report who gave GBTP money and what GBTP used it for except in general terms like Social Education Stuff like GOTV!
Ok... ALL THAT aside The Government messed with us for 2 years before the IRS would recognize us... We had to engage our Congressman and File complaints AGAINST the IRS by joining other Group Law Suites ETC...

We were finally able to find an attorney schooled in IRS abuses who referred us directly to the IRS CODE that explains that a Church or Ministry DOES NOT NEED A 501(c)3 or (c)4 /status… in fact, if they DO get a (c)3 Status that is a stronger argument for the FED to engage the Johnson Amendment which is a gag order in effect!

We humbly ask that you join our ministry.

Please fellowship with us.

DONATE:  Thank You.



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"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." - JAMES 1:22, NKJV